POWASSAN — There was still snow on the ground on April 19, but there was warm weather excitement at 250 Clark St. as around 30 avid gardeners learned about a new way of growing plants and vegetables.

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Canada has embraced the STRAW BALE GARDENS® mehtod, especially some of the “seasoned” gardeners who appreciate how much less work it is, with less bending. Here is a great story of a small town in central Ontario that has really discovered how beneficial the Straw Bale Garden is for their climate.

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Monday night the Cadillac Gardening Club is putting on a straw bale gardening event at Up North Arts. If you are unfamiliar with straw bale gardening it’s a form of gardening that involves no weeding and no bending over! Today Sarah Grimmer and Photojournalist Stephanie Adkins are learning more about the agriculture style. They join us from Big Rapid

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All around the country, folks are teaching classes and holding seminars to pass along what they’ve learned about Straw Bale Gardening. It is amazing to see how excited people get when they are successful at gardening for the first time. Many of them just can’t wait to share their own success with anyone who will listen.

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