A recent article by Susan Laird in the Mountain Democrat from Placerville California, extolls her experience with Straw Bale Gardening. "For five years, I’ve enjoyed success in this unique gardening format, pioneered by horticulturalist Joel Karsten in the 1990s. This virtually weed-free method is fantastic for areas with poor or rocky soil. There is little bending. And some of the vegetables are almost too pretty to pick." 

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No Matter The Season, Straw Bale Gardening is in!

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A recent article by Mary Hall in the DAILY JOURNAL from Kankakee Illinois speculates that: You might have seen it pop up on your Pinterest feed — cabbage, herbs or even flowers grown out of straw bales. “It’s the hot new gardening trend,” said Holly Froning, program coordinator for the master gardeners for the University of Illinois Extension. But this is more than just a trend, Froning added, at a seminar at the Bourbonnais Public Library last week.


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A recent article written by Lee Ward in THE DAILY INDEPENDENT in Ashland Kentucky documents the experience of Adam McHenry. This 25-year-old ICU nurse grew up gardening with his grandmother in Grayson. Now he and his wife, Danielle, live in a close neighborhood on Blackburn Avenue, but he still had the urge to plant. Read about his discovery and his amazing success.

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Emily Melby, registered dietician and wellness coordinator at Allergy Associates in Onalaska, picks tomatoes in the allergy care provider’s straw bale vegetable garden Tuesday. Allergy Associates is one of 21 companies honored Tuesday for participation in the Well County Workplace program.

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Imagine a world where doctors prescribed "one dose of a garden" for a pre-diabetes patient. They get a $100 voucher and pick their gardening supplies at the local garden center. Six bales, fertilizer, 18 plants/seedpacks a couple of cattle panels, and a sheet of instructions. Now they get excersize, eat better, even accomplish something great doing a new hobby. They get healthier without even realizing what happened, no diets or programs, it is simply a life changing prescription! Talk about preventative medicine! I call this UPSTREAM healthcare, and it is the answer to so many of the huge problems our country faces with diseases related to what food people are eating. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and even depression, can all be directly traced to the diet, and treating these diseases is draining our countries resources fast. Lets change that, encourage your friends to grow a garden…a straw bale garden is a great way to start.

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Buy Straw Bale Garden Books and BaleBuster in Straw Bale Garden’s online store and learn all about how to grow your own Straw Bale Garden.

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Lee Ann Wile picks tomatoes from plants she is growing in straw bales. The decomposing material in the bales provides the nutrients for the plants to grow.

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Great article in the Quad Cities newspaper. It is amazing how simple this method can be and how perfect it is for Seniors. Straw Bale Gardening allows folks to continue gardening ten or twenty years longer than would be possible in a normal soil garden, which requires much more physical work.

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There’s nothing more delightful than growing vegetables in your own backyard, but not everyone has the right soil for doing so. Turns out, there’s an even better medium to build a garden on: straw bales.

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I don’t recall writing for this article, nor being interviewed, but it must have happened.  I just stumbled across this article when another website i was looking at offered a link to it.  I am always amazed at how popular the STRAW BALE GARDENS® mehtod has become.

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It has been about 40 days since we planted our straw bale garden. Here is what it looks like today. Follow us on Facebook

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Great video! I like this guy, he’s funny and he tells it like it is. Jump to the last minute if you get bored, he gives a great summary!


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The rambling thoughts of an ordinary fluffy mommy.

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A great blog about the evolution of one family’s love for Straw Bale Gardening and each other! This one is a tear jerker, so grab a tissue. I share it because it truly shows the value of gardening as a family, and how this method can benefit those without the time and physical ability to takle a traditional soil garden. 

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Life on our Oklahoma Centennial Farm, and all about our experience with the Straw Bale Gardening method, in hay bales!”

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Nancy Mace, “blogger extraordinaire” writes all about her experiences with Straw Bale Gardening in bermuda hay bales on her Oklahoma Century Farm. I love her enthusiasm, and how she has become an evangelist for the method in Oklahoma. A place where the growing isn’t normally so easy!

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