A recent article by Mary Hall in the DAILY JOURNAL from Kankakee Illinois speculates that: You might have seen it pop up on your Pinterest feed — cabbage, herbs or even flowers grown out of straw bales. “It’s the hot new gardening trend,” said Holly Froning, program coordinator for the master gardeners for the University of Illinois Extension. But this is more than just a trend, Froning added, at a seminar at the Bourbonnais Public Library last week.


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The rambling thoughts of an ordinary fluffy mommy.

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A great blog about the evolution of one family’s love for Straw Bale Gardening and each other! This one is a tear jerker, so grab a tissue. I share it because it truly shows the value of gardening as a family, and how this method can benefit those without the time and physical ability to takle a traditional soil garden. 

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Life on our Oklahoma Centennial Farm, and all about our experience with the Straw Bale Gardening method, in hay bales!”

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Nancy Mace, “blogger extraordinaire” writes all about her experiences with Straw Bale Gardening in bermuda hay bales on her Oklahoma Century Farm. I love her enthusiasm, and how she has become an evangelist for the method in Oklahoma. A place where the growing isn’t normally so easy!

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How to get started with straw bale gardening for beginners who want to grow vegetables and other annuals.

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Terrific article, on a wonderful website devoted to all things gardening! Truly worth taking a look at the article and looking around her website it is bottomless, filled with gardening info.

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Join us for another interview with the Pioneer of Straw Bale Gardening, Joel Karsten. 

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This interview covers a lot of information in a short time. Mike the Gardener does a terrific job with his interviews. If you have an extra 15 minutes in your day, check it out. 

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