There’s nothing more delightful than growing vegetables in your own backyard, but not everyone has the right soil for doing so. Turns out, there’s an even better medium to build a garden on: straw bales.

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I don’t recall writing for this article, nor being interviewed, but it must have happened.  I just stumbled across this article when another website i was looking at offered a link to it.  I am always amazed at how popular the STRAW BALE GARDENS® mehtod has become.


  1. Peter Crider

    Thanks so much, Joel…

    Our straw bale garden has been a tremendous success here at 8400 ft. We’ve been eating chard, tomatos, lettuce, squash, cukes etc…
    I’ve recommend your book to a half dozen people who will be trying it out next season. Oh yeah – eggplant is also rocking! Thanks for all your advice & help. Best regards, Pete

  2. Last Spring I put straw throughout my garden as one layer using lasagna method. I think it was a big mistake! Now I have lots of foilage but little to no fruit….I’m very sad and disappointed.
    Now my question is, since the straw is already there, how might I turn this garden around? Can I recondition the straw, add compost then plant?
    I’d appreciate your much needed advice.
    Here’s to gardening success…

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