Straw-bale gardening is a fun way to garden in small spaces or in areas with poor soil quality. The season-long program at Guini Ridge Farm, 310 Commercial Street, Rockport, is open to childre

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Gardening with kids is so important. They absorb so much information and the benefits of a few hours spent teaching them about planting and harvesting will stick with them. Some of my earliest and most lasting memories are of gardening with my grandma when I was very young. Stepping on things and pulling up “weeds” that turned out to not be weeds but rather the actual crops she had planted, were all part of the learning experience. Straw Bales eliminated the potential to step on plants, and without much weeding, the success rate goes up dramatically. Try it, you’ll discover how much kids enjoy it, and how excited they are to eat what they’ve grown. Even opening up new opportunities for nutritious vegetables to sneak into their diets!


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