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One KEY to a successful Straw Bale Garden set up is the wire trellis above the bales.

Mar 17 2013

This is one of the illustrations, by Pam Powell from my book "Straw Bale Gardens"

One of the KEY elements to a successful Straw Bale Garden is the trellis system. Easy to build with a couple of posts and some wire, it creates a spacious expanse for vines to climb up…spread out…and bathe in the sun. Space the wires 10″ apart to make it easy for the climbers to reach the next wire up. I also use a 2×4 between the posts, so that when the wires are tightened the posts don’t simply tip inward and sag. Use the tallest posts you can find, I like the “T” posts, which resemble the capital letter “T” if you look at them from the top. The posts also have bumps on one side. I always recommend using a post-pounder to drive in the posts. For you city slickers out there, a post-pounder is like a giant pen cap that slides over top of the post, and is weighted. Pull it up and slam it down, the post is driven quickly and safely into the ground. Rent one or buy one, they sell for about $15 and will save you a serious headache, and I mean that both figuratively and literally! Lots of additional details to setting up this trellis system in the book, but this will help you accomplish the overall objective.

Image of the real thing at about July 4th, mid season.



This is a post-pounder.

This is a post-pounder.