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Straw Bale Gardening is simply a different type of container gardening.  The main difference is that the container is the straw bale itself and is held together with two or three strings.  Once the straw inside the bale begins to decay the straw becomes "conditioned" compost that creates an extraordinary plant rooting environment.  Getting the straw bales conditioned is an essential part of the process, and should be started two weeks prior to your target planting date wherever you are located.  This gardening technique works well anywhere in the country or the world for that matter.

View Joel Karsten's Straw Bale Garden's article in the New York Times


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Williow Hybrid

Willow Hybrid

This photo is of the Willow Hybrid called Salix alba x matsundana, grown by Karsten Nursery. This 40' tall windbreak is only FOUR years old. They grow up to 15' every year, INCREDIBLE but true!  Go to www.growfastwillows.com for more information.

Toy Helicopter Kite

Totally Wind Powered! This is tHelicopter Kite Promotional Video most popular selling product manufactured by Joel's company and it is sold world-wide. Makes a great gift!  The Helicopter Kite comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! 

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